BSR-Electric Final Conference : Save your seats now!

In a completely free of charge, virtual event held on the 16th and 17th of June, the project consortium will present results, hold discussions and network with a community of e-mobility stakeholders from around the world. Register now to save your place!


The Next Stop : Use Cases of BSR-electric Podcast

In the final episode of The Next Stop, we sit down with 2 pilot project leaders of BSR-e's use cases. Listen now to learn how these pilot projects were incremental to e-mobility in their respective regions!


The Next Stop : Guest Feature Matthew Baldwin (DG-MOVE)

In today's episode, we invite Matthew Baldwin (DG-MOVE) from the European Commission for a chat about his experiences as a decision maker and the Commission's initiatives in mobility and transport. Listen now to find out more!


The Next Stop : Guest Feature UITP

In today's episode, we dive into activities of The International Association of Public Transport with Yannick Bousse and Arno Kerkhof. Listen now to find out more!


The Next Stop : Guest Feature Esther Kreutz

In this episode of The Next Stop, we speak with Esther Kreutz from the Union of Baltic Cities in Turku, Finland. Listen now to find out about innovative mobility projects all around Europe!


Newsletter 5

With news on our final conference, an exciting webinar and a brand new episode of The Next Stop, and our many activities in the last 6 months- our latest updates are compiled into one, easy to ready newsletter.


Danish Government provides tailwind for e-delivery and infrastructure

Our partners in Denmark relay the news on development of e-logistics and related infrastructure from Denmark. Starting April 2020, about € 10.mio would be dedicated to support these developments.


The Next Stop : State of the Art of E-mobility Podcast

Learn more about the ever changing landscape and development of E-mobility worldwide with 3 key experts in this episode of The Next Stop, our in-house podcast.


The Next Stop : Recommendations and Checklists Podcast

Even through the COVID-19 pandemic, we're working hard to ensure that decision makers and stakeholders have valuable tools to implement their efforts in e-mobility. The Next Stop, our in-house podcast, returns with it's new episode on recommendations and checklists.


Finland's New E-Buses to start operation in Turku

Finland's electrification of the public transport fleets is taking leaps forward. As the most recent step, earlier this year the regional public transport authority in Turku, Föli, made the decision to acquire 12 new e-buses.