The Next Stop : A Definitive Index of All Podcast Episodes

Our official podcast The Next Stop, started as an experiment to explore the complex domain of e-mobility. Today we have interview 13 key experts and published 7 episodes, reaching a wide audience. Click here to access all the episodes!

The BSR electric project created a dedicated podcast series to reach out to listeners around the world. In our set of episodes, we interview a set of domain experts, i.e. urban transport stakeholders, across the Baltic Sea and Europe working with sustainable mobility. Access the episodes below:

Episode 1

Green Incentives and the psychology of public mobility
As a part of the new online learning module; BSR electric has produced a first-of-a-kind podcast on understanding how user behaviors and effective incentives facilitate the implementation of e-mobility.

Episode 2

Recommendations and Checklists for e-mobility decision maker
Decision makers have a very complex task when implementing e-mobility solutions- requirements analysis, planning, phasing in small changes that introduce their user base to the new status quo among others. But what if decision makers around the world had a list of steps to implement e-mobility solutions for their areas?

Episode 3

State of the Art of e-mobility
Learn more about the ever changing landscape and development of E-mobility worldwide with 3 key experts in this episode of The Next Stop, our in-house podcast.

Episode 4

Guest Feature - Esther Kreutz, Union of the Baltic Cities
In this episode of The Next Stop, we speak with Esther Kreutz from the Union of Baltic Cities in Turku, Finland. Listen now to find out about innovative mobility projects all around Europe!

Episode 5

Guest Feature - International Association of Public Transport
In today's episode, we dive into activities of The International Association of Public Transport (UITP), Brussels, with Yannick Bousse and Arno Kerkhof. Listen now to find out more!

Episode 6

Guest Feature - Matthew Baldwin, European Comission [DG-MOVE]
In today's episode, we invite Matthew Baldwin (DG for Mobility and Transport) from the European Commission for a chat about his experiences as a decision maker and the Commission's initiatives in mobility and transport.

Episode 7

Use cases of BSR-e
In this final episode of The Next Stop, we sit down with 2 pilot project leaders of BSR-e's use cases. Listen now to learn how these pilot projects were incremental to e-mobility in their respective regions.

These episodes of The Next Stop was produced by Arjun Jamil. Co-produced by George Matthews and technical support and music by Jona Scholz. We’re a part of the project BSR-Electric and are funded by the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region Programme.
Our working team is based out of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW) at the Research and Transfer Centre “Sustainability and Climate Change Management” (FTZ-NK). If you would like to reach out for questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Please send our team an email at communications@bsr-electric.eu.

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